IPICA Workshop I: Training for knowledge transfer managers and practitioners


Thursday, November 27, 2014 to Friday, November 28, 2014


University of Technology, Kingston, Jamaica


Objective: to provide the participants with an overview on how to promote innovation and knowledge transfer on a strategic level involving the different stakeholders; how to identify and evaluate intellectual assets; how to use IPR as tool for value creation; how to build partnerships between universities and enterprises to stimulate knowledge transfer and economic development;
Target group: TT managers & researchers from public higher education and research institutions, IP Office and Ministry representatives. 
Topics addressed:
The workshop provides good practice examples and stimulate discussions around three main topics:

  • Policy and strategic level: Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Systems:

           - Caribbean STI systems and the role of IPR
           - How National IP offices can support HEIs to foster innovation
           - University IP Policies, good practice

  • Intellectual Asset Management applied in practice:

            - How to identify, report and use IP for strategic management

  • Knowlege transfer from University to Industry – a key driver of innovation:

            - Strategic consideratons
            - Support services at universities
            - Key processes and support measures for university-enterprise cooperation
            - International platforms and resources for knowedge transfer



Knowledge Transfer and Innovation