Trinidad and Tobago Multi-Stakeholder Forum: Modernising Knowledge Transfer and IPR Policy Framework


Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Institute of International Relations UWI, St. Augustine Campus

The University of the West Indies and the Trinidad and Tobago Intellectual Property Office will next week organise the first IPICA national multi-stakeholder forum in Trinidad and Tobago.

An important objective of the IPICA Project is to inform stakeholders of the current status of the country’s National Innovation System, and to solicit recommendations for empowering the Intellectual Property Rights and Knowledge Transfer regimes of the National Innovation System. Two multi-stakeholder fora are being organised to accomplish this objective. The first forum will inform stakeholders of the aims, objectives and activities of the IPICA Project, will examine the current status of the National Innovation System, and will identify existing needs and gaps in the System.  The second forum will finalise recommendations for filling those gaps and satisfying the needs identified. Recommendations arising out of the second forum will then be used for crafting policies and programmes to develop and modernise the IPR and KT regimes in Trinidad and Tobago.

Invited stakeholders include higher education institutions, research institutes, researchers, inventors, policy makers and entrepreneurs in Trinidad and Tobago.  The first forum will take place at the Institute of International Relations, UWI St Augustine, starting at 9 a.m. on Wednesday 2nd March 2016.