IPICA Policy White Paper


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

There is a lack of policy actions in the Caribbean region to stimulate IPR in general, and even more so in the area of STI. By using IP tools more strategically (in education, research, business), Caribbean societies could benefit significantly, for example through identifying and transferring existing technologies, as well as creating value for local products through branding and other tools. Generating impact on knowledge and technology transfer policies is one of the main goals of the IPICA project.
IPICA has developed different activities in the last 3 years, part of them focused on the analysis of the IP and KT frameworks of the Caribbean region. The IPICA consortium collected feedback from a wide range of stakeholders, and the Policy White Paper “Encouraging IPR & KT Good Practices in the Caribbean Region” aims at presenting our recommendations for improvement and harmonisation of IPR & KT regimes and management practices in Caribbean partner countries.
A brief description of the innovation systems of 3 Caribbean countries (Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago) is included, considering a mapping of actors, gaps & challenges in the IPR & KT Regimes and policy recommendations at national level. A crucial element in this issue is how Higher Educations Institutions and Research Organisations manage IPR & KT. The White Paper identifies relevant good practices in local institutions, mainly with regards regulations (IP policies), Innovation practices & IPR management and KT methodologies and procedures.
Finally the IPICA consortium proposes policy recommendations at regional level, on the following issues: Innovation systems policies, legal frameworks, awareness policies, capacity building, promoting research and innovation and exploitation of IPRs. These policy recommendations have been provided by the IPICA multi-stakeholder working groups established in the framework of the IPICA project and have been reviewed during the national multi-stakeholder forums conducted in Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago during 2015 and 2016.
Furthermore, the Policy White Paper was presented during the joint Scientific Research Council-IPICA 4th Biennial National Science, Technology and Innovation Conference & Exposition held in Kingston on 14th and 15th November 2016, also for feedback from relevant stakeholders. 
The IPICA Policy White Paper “Encouraging IPR & KT Good Practices in the Caribbean Region” is available at our Publications Page